Non-slip nitrile gloves Grippaz

Type Non-sterile, for single use
Colour Blue / Yellow
Lenght 300 mm
Wall thickness Cuff 0,15 mm. Hand (grip) 0,26 mm
Tightness 1,5 AQL
Package Collecting box 720 pcs. 6 Inner Cartons (Inner Packaging) in 12 String Sachets of 10 each
Destiny CE category III PPE. EN 388. EN 374 -1,2,3. EN 455 -1,2,3. EN 1186. EN 374-1,2,3,4. EN 420. EN 16523-1
Sizes S, M, L, XL,XXL
Weight 10 gr.


Grippaz is a series of disposable gloves that revolutionized work and medical gloves used around the world. In most applications, they can be used for an entire working day or changed as needed.

Grippaz gloves are made of specialized NBR blends (nitrile butadiene rubber) to achieve their distinctive features. The innovative aspect of the product is that the texture pattern is embossed on both surfaces of the glove, the palm and the dorsal part, thanks to this construction the gloves are not only ambidextrous, i.e. they fit interchangeably for the left and right hand, but also can be changed even when working with the left hand hand on the right hand all the time using the texture and a firm grip.

The texture pattern of the glove is also visible on the inside of the glove, which helps to prevent the hand from slipping in the used glove and also reduces perspiration by having more air inside the glove.

The gloves have been designed to fit tightly to the hand, ensuring maximum dexterity, but the material of nitrile heats up under the influence of body temperature and the glove adapts better to the shape of the user’s hand, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. All these features as above mean that when using Grippaz gloves, regardless of whether you are holding a dry or wet object, the squeezing force required to firmly hold the object is reduced, which causes less fatigue of the hand muscles. The specialized Grippaz gloves also provide an excellent barrier against many chemicals, microorganisms and common dirt.




Industry (mechanics, engineering, automation)

Perfectly fits the hand, ensuring comfort and maximum dexterity.
Specially developed nitrile, which is durable and resistant to chemicals, as well as oils and fluids, e.g. brake fluids. Friendly to work with touch screens.
The inner handle minimizes slippage and reduces hand fatigue, which is especially important for mechanical work and the need for a firm grip in wet or oily work environments. Manufactured without silicone, therefore safe to work in paint shops.

Food industry

Thanks to the use of special nitrile mixtures, the gloves are approved for contact with food, are resistant to animal fats, and thanks to the optimal thickness, they minimize the risk of tearing off a part of the glove and getting into the produced food, which unfortunately often happens with thin gloves. The gloves are tested for strict medical tightness standards, have a leakage index of AQL 1.5; this high standard prevents the transmission of microorganisms from the hands of the worker to the food as well as from the food to the hands of the user.
Due to the optimal structure, thickness and significantly extended working time, Grippaz gloves give measurable economic profit to users compared to disposable thin gloves
No more broken gloves or pieces of gloves contaminating the food!

Construction industry

Grippaz gloves fantastically fill a gap in the construction market.
The high tightness parameter provides solid protection against chemicals and most cleaning agents, and the extended cuff up to 300 mm gives additional protection against splashes of liquids and aerosols.
Internal grip minimizes slippage and reduces hand fatigue.
Better grip compared to competitive gloves in dry, wet and oily conditions.

Cleaning industry

Patented non-slip grip reduces hand fatigue and improves grip performance in “all wet work”
A pair of Grippaz gloves costs less than a pair of household gloves of similar quality
There is no need to split the pair if the glove is damaged
Much better chemical resistance to most cleaning agents compared to household gloves.
Proven barrier against bacteria and viruses in accordance with the AQL 1.5 airtightness parameter, according to the medical standard EN 455.
Special nitrile blends without fillers increase the user’s dexterity and comfort compared to traditional household gloves.

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